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  1. GL553VD Bios 308, disable the INTEGRATED GPU (INTEL) from the BIOS ?

    hello friends, I have a Rog strix GL553VD Notebook, I have BIOS version 308, the question is ..

    How can I change or disable the INTEGRATED GPU (INTEL) from the BIOS

    I don't get the option in...
  2. :(

    hello my friend, thanks for replying.

    I tried everything you said and it stays the same

    the last nvdia driver gave me a lot of fps drop, I had to download an old version of the nvdia driver and...
  3. GL533VD DWM excessive GPU utilization while gaming

    hello good afternoon friends :), I have a problem of excessive use of the GPU for the DWM process, I tried everything that appears in the forums and I cannot find the solution.

    I have an ASUS ROG...
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