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    SupremeFX Hi-Fi DAC as a standalone product?

    I can't express well enough how thrilled I am because of the fact you guys made some serious audio solution for 5.25" bays.
    I dreamed of it for several years now, especially since the moment I've...
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    The only thing I want to know is if there will be...

    The only thing I want to know is if there will be an oportunity to get that SupremeFX Hi-Fi DAC separately? I've been dreaming about such solution (Hi-Fi 5.25 bay sound card) since I got my H97I-PLUS...
  3. Any 1080p 120-144Hz IPS display in the future?

    I'm sorry if it has been asked already, but anyways.

    It seems like every manufacturer ignores the fact that there would be a huge demand on 23-24" 1080p IPS gaming display with 120-144Hz refresh...
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