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  1. Sorted! How to get WiFi Up and Running on ROG Asus Zenith Extreme Alpha x399

    Got it sorted!
    So utterly obvious to a non-noob like me but here are the steps I took to get WiFi up and running on my Asus ROG Zenith Extreme Alpha x399.

    1) Update Windows 10
    If you're like me...
  2. Zenith Extreme ALpha x399 usb flash BIOS not working/Boot Priority not working

    Brand new to Asus, brand new to PC, brand new to BIOS etc. 26 year Mac use switched to PC this past weekend because they just don't service 3D professionals and it took me too long to figure it...
  3. Need help with this too

    Thanks for posting this. I'm a total noob to both Asus products and PC computers in general and have I just built my first ever PC. I'm pretty sure I'm having the problem that your post is meant...
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