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    I ended up figuring out the issue. So I figured it was between my CPU and Memory and since I had two sticks of RAM (QVL approved G.Skill RAM - F4-3600C18D-32GTZN) the CPU was starting to look like...
  2. Appreciate the reply! I ended up figuring out the...

    Appreciate the reply! I ended up figuring out the issue, since Amazon was back ordered on this mobo I noticed BestBuy had a Crosshair Hero VIII available, so I ordered that board up and had the same...
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    @bluestang I'm not loading any settings or...

    @bluestang I'm not loading any settings or modifications at the moment this is all out of the box, I simply want it to post and let me into the BIOS so I can make sure everything is set properly and...
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    F4-3600C18D-32GTZN is the memory model 2x 16 GB sticks
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    Crosshair VIII Hero HELP!

    Hi all, I posted last week about not being able to get a ROG STRIX x570-E Gaming mobo to post with 32 GB (2x 16) G.Skill RAM and a 3950x. After working with support they suggested I get a replacement...
  6. *Long sigh*

    welp Amazon (who i bought it from) is out of stock so I'm pretty much SOL for the time being, I got it on sale for 280 and I'm currently not seeing any prices lower than 320, they said I can wait for...
  7. Update

    I worked with ASUS support and they advised me to request a new board, sending this back to Amazon.
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    With help from a pair of tweezers and some twisting the button does what it should do now. I tried the BIOS again (renamed "SX570EG.CAP" per the manual) and this time it appeared to work, after about...
  9. ROOG STRIX X570-E Gaming - Won't Post/BIOS flashback not working


    First new build in 10 years so I apologize if any of this is common knowledge. Here are my specs:

    ROG Strix x570-E Gaming Mobo
    Ryzen 9 3950x
    G.Skill DDR4-3600 Ryzen optimized...
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