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    Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome.

    Have you tried cleaning the gold contacts on the memory (RAM) modules?
  2. How can I prevent my keyboard LED turning off when there's no activity?

    How can I disable this?


    Are you referring to the G752VL keyboard LEDs? I am just looking at the crystal ball, so I might be wrong.

    You can try reinstalling the ATK package. I hope you...
  3. What is these cables for on my GU502GU motherboard ?

    Old, but first time seeing! My guess are the array microphones (beam) attached to the bottom of the display.

  4. ASUS GU502L Powers Up, Keyboard Lit, Power Lite On, No Display

    I do not have this laptop, but had a similar problem with my laptop after applying thermal paste and additional RAM. The only indication I got was a blinking orange battery charge LED.

  5. it's a hard sticker

    Looks like a solid piece. I do not see any holes. However, that I/O cover is three pieces. I do not think ASUS would have paid extra to have the brush pattern stop so the sticker can be applied. How...
  6. will there be a big gap where the plate used to be

    Looks like a solid piece.

    You can also get a piece of 0.060" X 12" X 12"...
  7. Sticky: Aura Creator V3.1.3.0 [Report here if any issues]

    1. Unable to select Back I/O LED (3 each), PCH LED (3 each), Start/Reset button LED, Aura RGB Header 1 (12V GRB) on top of Motherboard or Aura RGB Header 2 (12V GRB) on bottom of motherboard. All are...
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    Can i buy and Replace my GPU heat sink.

    Yes and No! There are Consumer Protection laws and Corporation Protection Laws. For some reason Corporations prevail in some Countries and not in other Countries. Review your Country warranty laws. ...
  9. Has anyone actually figured out how to install Armoury Crate?

    Share the blame! No, I have not tried the AI overclocking in Armoury Crate nor did I have this problem.
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    Could you tell me where I can find the SN?

    The serial number is on the back of the motherboard in the area around the CPU socket (white sticker/label with MB name and letters/numbers below bar code is the serial number).

  11. Your link is dead

    It might be one of those new Windows 11 Security features. Just remove the http:// from the front of link.
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    ROG Thor 1200W rgb cable

    The only way is to make one if you can find the parts. Try contacting ASUS support again, maybe someone else will answer the phone. Or email ASUS Support and open up a Technical inquiry where you...
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    Gummy chewi paste

    The closest replacement I found to that there gummy rubbery paste was K5-Pro Viscous thermal paste for thermal pad replacement. Use your favorite thermal paste for GPU and CPU.

    What do you guys...
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    ROG AURA TERMINAL LED Blinking fast

    I am out of ideas. Well its not a software conflict. Its not a shorted LED. It might be a defective Aura Terminal due to not working correctly using the built-in lighting effect. The ROG Logo should...
  15. SecureBoot + UEFI + TPM 2.0 does not make an "old" PC Windows 11 compliant.


    You’ll be able to run Windows 11 on older PCs—if you install the update manually

    What some know and some do not know.

    Quote from:
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    You know when your a ROG enthusiast when...

    You know when you are a ROG enthusiast when your reputation goes from 10 to 31 points since last visit (even though you replied to over 240 questions).



    Where did these...
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    ROG AURA TERMINAL LED Blinking fast

    Try using the built-in lighting effects. Do not connect the micro USB cable or USB 2.0 Type-A data cable. If it works, it might be a software conflict. If it does not work, it might be a shorted...
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    add extra led to control outside my case behind the monitor

    Nope! Asus was thinking outside the box at that time and lost a lot of money! I am surprised other Companies have not noticed this and remain inside the box.

    However, some people have epilepsy...
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    ROG Aura Terminal

    One is available on ebay ($255.00) used at three to four times the Manufacture Suggested Retail Price (MSRP $69.99 or $79.99). You might get lucky and stumble across one in a second hand store or off...
  20. The only new brand to my build process is the ASUS mobo.

    ...bought a new identical one from NewEgg. SAME ISSUE

    ASUS RAM QVL GSkill DDR4-3800 4x16GB for your Mobo (4x16GB DIMM not listed, maybe 2x16GB, but Part No. only list DDR4 3866):

  21. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    I really do not know, but both motherboards support CPU LGA1155 and DDR3 RAM. What you can do is look-up the CPU LGA1155 and DDR3 RAM you currently have on the P67 and want to move to the Z77. Look...
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    The TPM module is the backdoor


    A watchdog chip called "Trusted Computing Module" (TPM) is to be integrated into every electronic device, which should not only make the secret service happy. Together with the procedures...
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    PC has been switched off at the plug

    This issue only happens when the PC has been switched off at the plug and it is the first boot.,4693-3.html

    Memory Training

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    nobody needs to buy a TPM module.

    This is the first true statement I read so far about Windows 11 TPM 2.0 requirement.

    It is not as simple as buying a TPM 2.0 add-on module and plugging it into the header. Microsoft VP of Product...
  25. Does anyone know why I might be seeing that screen?

    Try replacing the battery on the motherboard with a new battery. The battery provides power even when the computer is off and allows the CMOS to save all the settings (BIOS).
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