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    there are either two relays 01 onboard audio 02...

    there are either two relays
    01 onboard audio
    02 surge protection
    you have to disable both in bios and click noise disappear.

    or they both use the same relay.
  2. trade Z97I-Plus (i original owner with receipt) and under warranty still by Asus

    anyone want to trade for their maximus vii gene (straight across) for my Z97I-Plus or for their Maximus VII Impact (ill add money)?
    anyhow mine in perfect condition with all original everything...
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    Z97I-Plus with Bios 2604

    F5 Defaults
    Enable Asus Sync all cores
    manually set cpu ratio to 41x

    boot to desktop and open up hwmonitor and I see IA Voltage = 0.0 which is correct

    reboot back into bios and set multi to...
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