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  1. Yep, you're right I'll contact them and see how I...

    Yep, you're right I'll contact them and see how I go ... I just did not have any faith they would do anything about it so I did not bother ....
    Will let you know how I go

    Thanks for your...
  2. Nope

    No ... If I use one set or the other (bearing in mind both are same Corsair product/part number, but one is red the other is black) - however upon closer examination one is Hynix and the other...
  3. Yep, you're right!

    My theory was they were both same brand, timing, specs and product number!!!

    Problem is though it seems that the board wont take 8 of the 4gb modules anyway.

    Thanks for the article info...
  4. ROG Rampage Extreme V Corsair LPX RAM Issue

    Hey fellow ROG fans...

    Potentially silly question, but I have had some serious issues trying to get my RAM working correctly. I have 8 x 4 GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3000 (CMK16X4M4B3000C15), 4...
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    Thanks Legolas and Craig. No I have not tested...

    Thanks Legolas and Craig.

    No I have not tested anything other than the 2 I mentioned. I sort of figured that if it spanned two bios' as far apart as the two I had tried the issue must be be...
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    Thanks for replying

    No, sorry I should have mentioned I had 1601 and same thing as in RAID disappears when XMP is on, and can't see 32GB.

    It definitely seems it needs to have XMP on the see the 32GB, I have ready...
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    Enabling XMP makes my RAID disappear

    I have tried searching so this is not a double up, and I could not find anything that matched so I hope I am not doubling up.

    I have a ROG Rampage V Extreme updated to the ASUS released 2001 BIOS....
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