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  1. Strix GL503 - dedicated GPU for external monitor?


    I bought a monitor capable of 4K otput @ 60FPS via HDMI for my laptop (Strix GL503, it has a GTX 1050 which should be capable for that - note that I do not intend to game on this thing,...
  2. If anyone finds this useful, I went to a...

    If anyone finds this useful, I went to a certified repair center, they first thought a cable was not plugged in, in the end it turned out it was a faulty LED strip, got it replaced, it works like a...
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    ROG Ranger 2-in-1 backpack availability


    Has anyone found where to buy this backpack?

    Kind regards
  4. Strix GL503 - 4 LED indicator lights not working

    Hello everyone,

    First off apologies if I missed a relevant thread during my forum search. I got the above mentioned laptop, it works like a charm, but the LED indicator lights (power, WiFi, HDD,...
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