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    Is Asus USB Flashback a potential security feature?

    Could Asus's USB Flashback be used to recover a board from UEFI BIOS malware like rootkits or bootkits? When you see white hat hackers publish web pages like, it...
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    Sticky: A case QVL

    I would like to see a computer case qualified vendors list for the Rampage V Extreme. I noticed that the board is listed as an E-ATX motherboard, meaning that it is larger than the ATX specification....
  3. Remember the driver

    Just remember to get the driver that supports the Rampage V Extreme from the driver page for the ROG Front Base.
  4. Don't kill the PS/2 port!

    I would have to disagree about killing the PS/2 port. First, I read the USB HID device class definition at and found out that keyboards by default...
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