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  1. Strange problem with 2 GT-AC2900 routers in aimesh

    I have 2 ROG Rapture GT-AC2900 Routers configured in an aimesh setup. The problem I have is when I log into either router and try to turn off the LED on the 2nd router, which is in my upstairs. No...
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    Already tried that.

    Already got what I could installed but not everything is there. That is why I am asking for a complete package, thinks like mylogo and others are missing.
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    New Crosshair VI Hero and Windows 10

    I have recently built a new system with a Crosshair VI Hero, and Windows 10, so of course I can't get AISuite from the disk to install. Is there any way Asus can upload an update to the complete...
  4. Updated complete AISuiteIII

    When will there be a complete version of AISuite3 that works with Windows 10 version 1709. I really want the mylogo function back, and need ezupdate for that.
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    Crosshair V Formula with EVGA GTX 460 2Win

    I have a new system I just built, and am on my second EVGA GTX 460 2Win card. Neither will initialize both get a blank screen (I RMA'd the first card). But the system works fine with my old BFGTech...
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