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  1. Resolution

    I think this issue is being resolved by Turning "MRC Fast Boot" -> ON (Enabled) in BIOS. Search for MRC, so you can turn it ON.

    However, turning Memory training off is not always a good idea. You...
  2. Same Issue

    Have exactly the same issue. Quite annoying. Hey, Asus maybe you can fix it with a BIOS update?

    Z390 Hero XI
    STRIX 1070
    G.SKILL 16GB (2 x 8GB) TridentZ Series DDR4 PC4-33000 4133MHz...
  3. Re

    So, it's not going to damage the PC components because each PC boot is causing all PC components to turn on and off a few extra times...
  4. Motherboard Resets 2-3 times before powering on normally

    I have just finished building my PC and after a PC has been turned off from the power socket (Cold boot) it resets the BIOS a few times with PSU making a switching sound... after a few times it boots...
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