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  1. Gene VIII CPU_Opt Fan not showing up in Fan Xpert 3


    My CPU cooler has two fans... one plugged into the CPU_Fan connection and one plugged into the CPU_Opt connection.
    When I go into Fan Xpert 3 and run Fan Tuning, it lists out all the fans...
  2. Fan Xpert 3 - Is there a way to read Asus GPU temps?

    Seems like there should be a way for my Asus Maximus Gene VIII motherboard to read the temps from my Asus Strix GTX 980 ti and allow those temperatures to be listed as a source in the Asus Fan Xpert...
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    Sticky: Pre-planning my Gene VIII build. When using the...

    Pre-planning my Gene VIII build.
    When using the M.2 drive, it says (page 1-39) that SATA port 1 (SATA6G_12) will be disabled.
    If I will be using 2 SSD's in RAID 1, is there any preferred method...
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