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  1. Omega

    I have not set voltages manually and they are on auto and load line llc at 3 with 100% current for cpu and ram and optimized setting and i used per core settings and left voltages auto and the...
  2. Omega

    If i set per core OC settings my PC in stable at 4.8ghz with 1.29v but i have no need to OC my cpu and just sufficient for me to use stick cpu specs and i believe i might have wrong drivers so a...
  3. Omega

    Yes i used flashback to revert to 0802 bios provided by asus and then back to modded 3006 and since the microcode was only for skylake x and i have cascade lake x and flashed back to 3006 provided by...
  4. no effect

    tried all that you said but still no effect.
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    rog rampage omega

    thank you and sorry my bad, so me having cascade lake x is it going to make any difference flashing the microcode 69 or just stick with asus provided 3006 BIOS, reason being i am not getting full...
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    rampage vi oemga

    flashed 3006 with microcode 69 and in aida64 it shows microcode revision as 2f00h for my i9 10920x instead of 69, is that something i need to look further into?, thank you.
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    rog rampage vi extreme omega

    i have the 3006 bios updated and on default settings, i use i9 10920x and tested with various apps to stress test but processor wont ever go past 4300mhz when intel specs are 4600mhz all core boost...
  8. rog rampage vi extreme bios and stock intel i9 10920x frequency boost.

    i have the latest BIOS and have i9 10920x cpu with xmp enabled and asus multicore enhancements disabled and override set to use intel turbo boost max 3.0 while in windows, my question is that per...
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    Bios error 9c when overclocking.

    So i have asus rog rampage vi extreme omega x299 mobo with i9 10920x cpu, 4x8gb 3600mhz corsair ram, evga rtx 2080ti ftw3 gpu, evga t2 1600w psu, system works fine on stock and xmp settings also...
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