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  1. Rog Crosshair VIII Hero and my memory kit


    I am going to buy the ROG Crosshair VIII Hero (wifi) board. I currently own 32GB kit from GSkill. This was being using my my Asus Zenith Extreme rig. Question is the Zenith Extreme board...
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    Asus Zenith Extreme Fan Control

    Question. Via AI 3 Suite I no longer have fan control on my Zenith Extreme system. I have to reboot to select a different fan speed. I have all drivers, Bios, etc up to date. Solutions? Thanks!
  4. Thank you. I just tried 1502 and AI Suite 3 still...

    Thank you. I just tried 1502 and AI Suite 3 still has the same issue. Weird because it used to work. I even uninstalled and reinstalled AI Suite 3.
  5. Does AI Suite 3 work with Zenith Extreme anymore?

    My system is not overclocked. Tried with Bios 1402. Does AI Suite overclock and Fan Expert work anymore? Have the latest version? It simply does not overlock the system anymore. Upon the first reboot...
  6. I have the G SKILL F4-3200C16Q-32GTZR. System...

    I have the G SKILL F4-3200C16Q-32GTZR.

    System is running much better now when I am at 2933 Mhz over the XMP profile of 3200. This causes massive instability on my system and application and...
  7. Zenith Extreme XMP Memory failes, increase to 2933 questions

    My original memory when I first built my 1950x system with the Zenith Extreme it was on the QVL list. F4-3200C16Q-32GTZR. This is no longer on the list and that is unfortunate. So recently about a...
  8. D.O.C.P Standard with AI Suite 3 overclock

    I was curious to know if I can use the AI Suite 3 overclock when the only thing I have done in BIOS is the DOCP Standard memory selection? I have the Zenith Extreme with the 1950X Threadripper with...
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