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  1. ASUS please stop with the Bulk driver packs - it's ridiculous!

    If you have a ROG laptop and you've ever wondered what some of the drivers are doing or the software that's installed with them, you're basically out of luck because you can literally spend countless...
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    For fan control on laptops you can use a GitHub...

    For fan control on laptops you can use a GitHub project called AtroFac.

    It works pretty well, but there's really not much of a GUI.

    You just have to set the fan curves with a config file.
  3. Still works

    Just wanted to post that I stumbled across this thread when I wasn't really looking for this type of thing. I wasn't very hopeful that it was going to do anything for my RTX2060 Max-q, but lo and...
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    I love how these types of questions just go...

    I love how these types of questions just go unanswered on an asus forum. The process is listed within Task Scheduler in the Asus directory. There are is nothing filled out in the Description field....
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    How about now that a few years have gone by?

    Asus, why don't you speak to some of your devs and ask how many of them use PowerShell?

    Official Windows PowerShell is still sitting at version 5, but since they've completely opened the source,...
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