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  1. It may actually be fixed now!

    There was a recent driver update to Armoury Crate, and so far, with Aura Sync on smart mode, I haven't had my mouse get stuck on one color. I also havent had the buttons stick in FPS games....
  2. ROG Pugio Aura Sync Freeze and left and right mouse buttons stick in game


    I have had this issue for quite some time now. I have tried updating everything through armoury crate multiple times. Multiple updates have happened since I have purchased this mouse...
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    Sticky: In game lighting effects

    Just wish more games had in game lighting effects.. like Destiny 2 or Black ops: Cold War, just like a simple light that comes one when you turn on your flashlight or something. I know its probably...
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    Still not fixed

    It is almost 2021 and still, it hasn't been fixed. There has been plenty of firmware updates, but still it fails to stay in aura and just freezes to whatever color it was on. This is only on my...
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