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  1. No CPU frequency show in motherboard and ryujin OLED options

    Also my motherboard ROG Maximus XII Extreme and RYUJIN 360 didn't show the OLED option frequency anymore.
    I installed only the AC update.
  2. ROG Strix RTX 2080ti turns in permant slow pulsing one clour mode.

    After installing today the new armoury crate driver for the Motherboard , the Aura function returns to the graphic card.

    THX 4 fixing it.

    Item Version ...
  3. ROG RYUJIN set to default, no water flow - Font and translation issues.......

    Item Version
    ---- -------
    Armoury Crate UWP App
    ROG Live Service
    AURA Service (Lighting Service) ...
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