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  1. PC Freeze/Crash

    1. After editing fan speed in dashboard after few minutes PC freezes, cant move mouse, type, nothing.. I have to restart pc with button to work it again
    2. PC
    3. B550-F Gaming MOBO, K7 TUF GAMING...
  2. Please MASTERC@ROG take a look

    Please MASTERC@ROG take a look
  3. MOBO not detecing

    1. PC / Laptop
    PC: ASUS B550-F Gaming, Ryzen 5600x, MSI RTX 3060 TI
    2. Aura Sync products
    ml240l v2 ( Aura Compatible ) - previous working, TUF Gaming K7 keyboard
    3. 3rd-party peripheral, audio,...
  4. Replies

    Sticky: Not detecting b550-f

    1. The BIOS/firmware version for your hardware.
    2. The AURA SYNC products you own and any other 3rd-party lighting software.
    ml120 fans
    3. If a power cycle has made any difference....
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