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  1. Thank you. You're right, and today I...

    Thank you.

    You're right, and today I guaranteed that will be its date.
    I disassembled it, to look on the Mobo to see if I could tell why it wasn't charging, and yes - found a burnt chip (but...
  2. I'm having a similar problem: Had a power...

    I'm having a similar problem:

    Had a power outage in January 2019, and original adapter would not recover the charge. Bought a cheap aftermarket adapter from @mazon. It brought the charge back, but...
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    BTW: here ...

    BTW: here is the link to their instructions and video.

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    Status update...

    ***** UPDATE *****

    The good news:
    The replacement keys from arrived today. They are what I ordered, and appear o be in "new" condition. I ordered two LCtrl keys, which each came...
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    Me too - My "Fire" key just broke! :(

    I use somewhat unconventional key bindings for gaming:
    Mouse is primarily direction (M1 is move forward, M2 move back, etc), and I use LCtrl for Fire, Z and X for Strafe, etc.
    I've been wearing...
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