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  1. PG259QNR dont turn off. ?? / PG27VQ lines on screen again

    Dear community,

    i have a really strange problem with my PG259QNR. If i turn off the monitor, it wont turn off. It looks like it turned off but only the backlight is gone but the panel is still...
  2. Hello xeromist, thanks for your response! I had...

    Hello xeromist, thanks for your response!
    I had the same thoughts that my PC is the issue and got broken, but i really dont think so.
    Hopefully i can fix it because i really love em and no pixel...
  3. Sometimes no signal with PG27VQ / Maximus VIII Hero

    Hey all, happy new year!

    I got a little problem with my PG27VQ - i think its because of the screen.

    Some informations:
    Screen: Asus PG27VQ
    Mainboard: Asus Maximus VIII Hero
    GPU: ...
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