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  1. Look like your i9 had some issue

    What model of i9 CPU do you test ?


    This case was interesting for me. Recheck your i9 CPU LGA contact first. If some area burnt or look like this picture below.
    You'll need to sending...
  2. PSU below 850 watt may not enough to supply your whole system.

    I think you misunderstood mate. Only CPU itself full load 550 watt. Did you forget your GPUs and other components.:cool:
  3. 86575 @Colonel Bogey Please consider...


    @Colonel Bogey
    Please consider
  4. PSU could not supply load for your rig

    Cosair CM650x Semi modular PSU

    If you want to upgrade to i9 7980XE/9980XE/10980XE and upcoming 11980XE. Please check other friends PSU Spec (watt) first.:cool:
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