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  1. Yea, this is still a problem in 2022...

    This! This is the goddam solution!
    I have a x570 motherboard and a 3600 cpu.
    The steps I followed are the following.
    Uninstalled all of my ENE-HAL rgb drivers with the forced uninstallation of...
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    Already reported in the Armoury Crate bug thread

    I had the same problem as you described and with the same bios update.
    I wrote a post on the Armoury Crate section.
    I resolved the issue by downgrading the bios with the one immediately prior to...
  3. Found a way to replicate (and solve) my problem (Bios bug?)

    I found a solution to this problem but maybe this post can help the developers to know where to look.
    A brief description of my hardware and the problem.

    My Rig:
    CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 (no overclock)...
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    Sticky: "Hello World!/n"

    Hello guys, Dan here.
    I'm an IT student from Italy and a super Rog fan.
    I'm currently studying to become a software developer.
    I have a unique trait, I can attract bugs like a lamp at night.
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