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    ROG Strix X570 F-Gaming BIOS problem

    So I recently updated my BIOS to 4403 and now it will not save the Aura settings when I change it to Aura Off in power off state it keeps resetting itself to On at every boot I don't want this on...
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    Realbench + Windows 11 = FAIL

    Hey Asus when if ever will you update Realbench so it works properly with Windows 11 because right now it's a shambles it gets through the photo manipulation part but then fails with the encode video...
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    Turning it off in BIOS only leads to it being...

    Turning it off in BIOS only leads to it being turned back on as soon as you touch the Armoury Crate program
  4. atleast you managed to get their software to...

    atleast you managed to get their software to install :p all I get is a msg saying remote procedure call error and the install is carried on to the end even goes as far as saying install complete...
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    TUF x470 Plus Gaming & 1004

    No problems with my Creative SB XFi-Titanium so I guess I'll keep my eye out for any other issues that may crop up but so far so good on BIOS 5406 Combo-AM4
  6. Same as this error

    I take it you're suffering from the same error I am getting whilst trying to install this infernal app


    I currently have a ticket open with ASUS Support so I'll keep this updated with...
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