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  1. Rampage V, 5960x wont boot all of a sudden. Shows BF or 00 code on led display.

    Hi guys,

    So I sat down the other day and altered some settings around managed to get my board to 4.4ghz on about 1.3 vcore.
    I set my memory to run at 3000mhz from the xmp settings.

    Ran prime...
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    OC seems low

    Hi guys,

    So the most I can seem to get out of my card is about 32mhz extra.The strange thing is when I boost heaven up it picks up that my card is running at 2098MHZ, but the software says it's...
  3. Rampage V, 5960x, How do I stop my vcore throttling higher?

    Hi guys,
    I'm up the wall trying to figure this one out.

    First off i'm not going for a huge overclock just trying 34*125. so 4250mhz.

    I know many have got this running fine at anything from...
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