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    Undervolting GL703GS CPU

    Hello guys,

    I've been trying to get better temperatures for my laptop but still I'm facing some thermal throttling as you can see below. If I set the CPU to - 145 it crashes in games. So the most...
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    With or without OS

    Hi guys, I'm still having doubts to get my rog scar strix II with or without OS.
    Countries like US or Mexico they told me they don't sell machines without OS, but in Argentina or even Russia they...
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    Guys, just a quick question. Once I formate I...

    Guys, just a quick question. Once I formate I paste this folder and run the wizard and that's all?
  4. Sticky: wait, what if the machine comes without OS? o.O

    wait, what if the machine comes without OS? o.O
  5. G703gs / gl703gs Temperatures for Comparison?

    Hello guys,

    I'd like to know if someone has any of these laptops, I wonder what's the difference between temperatures knowing that GL703 is thinner than G703.
  6. Concerns before buying ASUS ROG SCAR STRIX GL703GS

    Hello guys,
    My name is Matias and I'm new in here. I'm about to buy the laptop GL703GS and I've been watching many reviews and reading about the Pro/Con.
    One of my biggest concern is the BIOS...
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    Antes de comprar: GL703GS

    Hola a todos, soy nuevo pero a punto de comprarme la ASUS ROG Scar Strix GL703GS y tengo una gran duda con respecto al bios. Me voy a mudar a Rusia y allá el equipo me saldria a menos costo, pero...
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