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  1. oke i am back again after returning it to to...

    oke i am back again after returning it to to shop and they gave me a hole new one.. is't that great !!

    but now after using 1 month (and notes it from the start) that sometines when i...
  2. HDMI cable after 4 monts already broken ???

    hello all.
    i bouht my centurion nov 8 2018 and is now 4 old, and already the left cup, one of the cables inside of the HDMI is broken when i turn my head left or right.
    i notesed that this week...
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    still don't know what you mean with that circle.
    maieby you mena circle surround ? sound that is virtual spinning arround your head ?
    that is what i don't hear or notest. and must be me.becaus...
  4. gaming sound disappears suddenly

    it is oke now, i swapt the side/rear channel from my speaker setup . but what this has to do whit the headset i don't know but now 5.1 is now rear on rear channel. so somehow that solved...
  5. oh oke.. i have notes that this week on...

    oh oke.. i have notes that this week on playing a micheal jarre dts 5.1 and was now on the rear channel. strange that they do this .

    and by the way.... i notes that the rog software...
  6. rog Centurion 5.1 music side channel instead of rear ??

    hi , i notes when i play an 5.1 music dvd from jean micheal jarre, the rear channel is send to the side channel ??

    does anyone als have that to ?.
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    small circle ? from sonic radar ? i don't use...

    small circle ? from sonic radar ? i don't use that, i have only looked at is ones.
    did you enable on the unit the surround knob, it should be burning.
    as the amp.
    on my rog everything is same as...
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    save to buy

    i have it how for about a 3/4 week now and at first i thought i purchased some garbits again, but after reading on YouTube over it i started tweaking my self.
    so i started experimenting whit...
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