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    Why is drive ASUS ISB3 error not work

    Motherboard model: ASUS H170 PRO Gaming

    UEFI Version: 0703
    CPU: Intel Core i5 6600

    Memory kit part number (s) and amount in GB: 2 x 4GB HyperX Fury Black
    GPU: none - iGPU
  2. How To configuration 2 device technology In asus motherboard.

    Hello everyone!

    My new build is complete, I am now trying to get the 2 samsung pro m.2's in raid but I have no option to do so.
    I am now using the asus Z10pe-d8 ws mobo, All ram, Cpu's,...
  3. Problem about some sort of overclock preset profile in PC

    Hello everybody.

    Friend of mine have this type of motherboard, crosshair IV formula, but he have some temperature problem, CPU always on 70-75c in normal condition, so i've changed some option...
  4. How To Setting the drivers and BIOS in window 10

    Hello everyone.

    I have a RIVE and just upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7 with a fresh install.
    Before I did this I downloaded all the current drivers.
    Much to my delight all was good and...
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    Issues about Error Boot in Window 10.

    Hello everybody.
    I used Asus Z170 S

    Before i go for fully clean install,want to try here for help because i cannot seem to solve it

    After i changed my Z68A Mobo CPU and Ram TO Skylake build...
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    Why is Computer no enter Content

    Hello everyone!

    I dont know why today 2 times my pc refuses enter to UEFI.
    I was pressing fast DEL and black screen and nothing happened so i was force hard reset. Now its ok. But it happened 2...
  7. problems upgrading to Windows 10 computer

    Hello everybody.

    I have a Maximus IV Extreme based computer which i use as a secondary, which I wanted to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10.
    The upgrade to Windows 10 was successful, and was...
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