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  1. my x1950x struggles to get 70 fps anywhere, runs hot ek360 kit, 1080gpu

    7th day into my 1950x build- so disappointing. struggles to get 70fps in gtV, witcher3, pubg, battlefront with msi gaming x 1080. Your connection to radiator looks badly twisted- you need to redo it....
  2. reset cmos twice

    6 days into 1950x build- reset cmos twice after 801 bios. had problems initially wih the 3 lock down screws on the 1950x cpu
  3. 1950x cpu at 4 ghz struggles for avg 70 fps on witcher 3, gTA5: pubg not playable

    6th day of new 1950x build w msi gaming x 1080 gpu, 32 GB 3200 flare memory- overclocked cpu easily to 4.0 ghz but fps is terrible, struggling to stay at 70 fps on gtA5, witcher 3, 1080p 144mhz...
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    same zenth extreme will not post at all- swapped out memory sticks, reset cmos

    [QUOTE=Mikan02;675830]Did you tighten all 3 screws in the CPU load plate properly?
    I would look at it again too,the TR4 socket is huge and all 4094 pins need proper contact to CPU
    and that require...
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    connect Aquaero 6 pro USB to asus Rampage V extreme Mobo- how, no usb 5 pins on mobo

    am trying to run aquaero 6 pro usb with asus rampage V extreme mobo. See only USB 2.0 10 pin connectors on Rampage V mobo. USB 2.0 connectors (10-1 pin USB 1112; USB 1314. The aquaero 6 has a USB 5...
  6. Thread: aquaero 6xt

    by bucca

    [QUOTE=Nate152;577796]Hello drop4205 Can...

    [QUOTE=Nate152;577796]Hello drop4205

    Can aquaero 6 pro usb connnect to my asus rampager V motherboard extreme. The motherboard has USB 2.0 connectors (10-1pin USB1112+5VP14-,P14+, GND; USB1314...
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