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  1. Windows 10 after update doesnt even detect sound card in device manager

    After the Windows 10 updates my Asus Strix sound card i have, doesnt even detect in device manager anymore. So cant install drivers at all, unless i reinstall windows 10 to factory settings, then the...
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    Yep before Windows 1903 update, ASus Strix Pro works, after no longer works

    It seems like its after the Windows updates. Its liker Windows and Asus no longer recognise each other after an update. If i reset Operating system to factory Windows 10 defaults, its fine, when i...
  3. My sound card isnt detected since Windows update 1903.

    I cant use my sound card either. After Windows 10 1903 update, actually it was a few updates ago my sound card stopped working properly with Windows updates. It was the LAST Windows update it stopped...
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