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  1. red leds flashing

    Your CPU is installed wrong (no pressure on CPU socket). If you delidded your CPU, you put the IHS on incorrectly (no pressure on CPU socket).

    User’s Manual on page 2-3 and 2-4 (CPU installation)....
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    in the mobo bios, qfan control says 'fan off' in the options for the three front fans

    Yep! Fan hub controller on computer case (BIOS only sees one fan), where the left white connector is plugged into controls all the fans.


    Therefore, remove the connector to the fan hub...
  3. Want to install a RTX 2070 Super in my 8 year old PC ?

    I do not know how accurate it is, but you can check on “GPU compare” or "CPU compare".
  4. Q-Code 00

    Okay, you are on your second motherboard. Your memory is compatible with your motherboard (G-Skill RAM Configuration QVL). Your power supply (no specs listed) is strong enough to power your...
  5. Thread: coronavirus

    by pndiode


    Package shipping delays (Shortage of computer parts and other life necessities.)
    People stuck on Cruise ships (Stay on the ship! Food and fuel will be loaded!)
    Invasion of privacy due to security...
  6. what port on the motherboard I should look for?

    Maximus Formula XI user manual page 1-2 (Motherboard layout number 10) and 1-3 (Layout contents number 10).


    Also ROG Strix Helios user's manual for multiple languages page 13.

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    I wonder which gives best SSD performance?

    I might be wrong, but the DDR4 DIMM.2 will give better performance with a M.2 SSD. Due to the DDR4 DIMM.2, being tied to the CPU (can move data faster). Whereas, the chipset (PCM/PCH) is crying I...
  8. No audio from front ports Maximus Hero XI wifi

    Reinstall your motherboard audio driver. Check PC case HD Audio cable wires for continuity or connector plug for broken wires (okay already done).

    I had to RMA a motherboard, because the rear...
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    why PCIe 16_1 is only 8x with Dimm2_1 SSD

    Using the DDR4 DIMM.2_Slot. ROG MAXIMUS XI Extreme BIOS Manual User’s Manual (English).


    Try using the M.2_1 (Socket 3) on the motherboard to see if that makes a difference.
  10. "Processor Core Overclocking"

    CPU Core Ratio = Auto (The system will adjust all core ratios automatically)
  11. Please explain Intel's Performance Maximizer's requirements

    Processor Core Overclocking must be enabled. What UEFI/BIOS setting is related to this? And what is the setting that it should be set to?
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    Which ASUS monitor to get for gaming?

    I cannot recommend any, but there are many to choose from. Choose a gaming monitor that makes your eyes comfortable. The lowest gaming monitor refresh rate is 60Hz; you can only go up from there, but...
  13. minimum 4 gb.....?? tha would bottleneck tha card in self.....

    Okay! You determined a bottleneck; at this point what choices do you have to overcome this foreseen bottleneck?

    wanna help me pick a graphics card.....?? Nope!
  14. Thread: Memory 2133

    by pndiode

    Just remember that “XMP” and “Plug and Play”...

    Just remember that “XMP” and “Plug and Play” memory are different. In addition, Crucial website does not definitively state the default Plug and Play memory frequency (not directly), but Kingston...
  15. Thread: Memory 2133

    by pndiode

    Normally I would just set it in the bios but AI Tweeker is not listed anywhere...

    I do not have this Desktop, so I could be wrong.

    The Corsair Vengeance memory you purchased is XMP 2.0 Ready, so it will default to a speed of 2133MHz. If you cannot find the XMP profile setting...
  16. led from the power button in my tower was flashing when my computer was on

    Power button flashing/blinking due to SATA or M.2 drive activity, user manual (English) Chapter 1, page 1-20, Hard disk drive activity LED (2-pin HDD_LED). Sometimes it could be a separate LED or...
  17. always test everything connected

    Good troubleshooting, I was thinking a defective motherboard. Maybe, you can get good products from an outlet store.
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    break down of the various BIOS settings

    Me too, my motherboard user manual does not mention anything about the “CPU overclocking temperature control” BIOS setting, but I did find it on the internet.

    Yep! ASUS motherboard user manual...
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    Asus matrix hd 7970 black screen

    Have you replaced the GPU thermal paste?

    Have you replaced the thermal pads?
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    Is there some sort of fan-file that can be reset/deleted/modified?

    You can try this, but I do not know if it will work. You should also search for the latest Fan Xpert version.
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    Any ideas?

    DC or PWM fans, lack of information?

    There might be a faulty fan sensor or software conflict between Fan Xpert and Windows 10.

    Personally, I do not use Fan Xpert, but use personal BIOS manual...
  22. Do they think their customers are stupid?


    ASUS would assume (A$$-U-ME) so! It depends on how long you want to wait.

    ASUS 2070 SUPER probably made in China, parts shortage = longer wait (coronavirus).
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    9e generation processor
  24. Cleaning Screen Display

    I wipe with a clean damp microfiber cloth immediately followed by a wipe down with a clean dry microfiber cloth. The smashed spider between the panel and light source is still there. Yep, the Amazing...
  25. RGB lighting zones

    I do not have this item, but for me to change the RGB lighting zones on my RAM, I have to select By Areas in Aura Sync 1.07.79.

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