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  1. Same Bug in 0804

    The Uefi still detects the USB mouse as both mouse AND keyboard (as my keyboard is a PS/2 keyboard). The Uefi now crashes at the exact moment when pressing the "F2" button and does not even enter the...
  2. Crosshair VII Hero Uefi crash while updating Uefi (from 0702 to 0804)

    Hi Guys.

    I have already mentioned here that I experienced some stability issues with the Uefi of the Crosshair VII Hero...
  3. Bug Report: Crosshari VII Hero (C7H) (0702) UEFI hangs after entering UEFI Setup

    BUG: UEFI Setup hangs after entering.

    REPRODUCTION: Update UEFI to version 0702.
    Clear CMOS (shutdown PC, PSU Power Switch to OFF, wait 2min, press CLEAR CMOS 30sec, PSU Power Switch to ON)....
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