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  1. Hello, dimitry from asus danemark refused to...

    dimitry from asus danemark refused to transfer the warranty to danemark for one week, but I made another request mentioning you
  2. gtx 1080 ti poseidon still under warranty but refused from german RMA


    I purchased an occasion gtx 1080 ti poseidon for 10 month because it had a warranty till december 2020. Now the card is not showing any signal. I contacted the RMA, and they refused to...
  3. WMR not starting when REVERB plugged on ROG Maximus XI hero, 1080ti poseidon

    since the last update to BIOS 1602, when the REVERB is already plugged before starting the computer, the computer starts with an error beep from the motherboard( piiip pipip piiip), and...
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