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    GX501VS or GL502VS??


    Wondered if anyone can give me some advise on which laptop to get!

    Either the GX501VS Zephyrus or the Strix GL502VS?

    Both laptops have the same CPU, RAM, screen (120Hz IPS G-Sync) but the GL502VS has a full GTX1070, rather than the 1070-MAX-Q of the Zephyrus.

    The reason I'm asking, is that I had a GL502VS, but returned it due to bad backlight bleed and thermal throttling, which caused uneven fps in games etc.

    I was just about to order a replacement from a different company (long story, had trouble returning original + poor customer service), and see they have reduced the GX501 Zephyrus down to £1999! It will be £400 more expensive than the GL502.

    My main questions are regarding thermals & performance of the 1070 MAX-Q in the Zephyrus.

    If it runs noticeably cooler than the GL502, and doesn't thermal throttle than that's great!

    My thinking is, even though the performance of the 1070 MAX-Q is worse, if it doesn't throttle down due to heat, than I may end up with a smoother gaming performance than with the GL502?? And how much worse of a performance drop are we talking? Can I OC it??

    Also on my GL502 the CPU hit 93c during GTA V :-(

    My other question is regarding the opening base of the Zephyrus. I've read a lot of reviews say its really flimsy and weak!!!?? Is this true?
    I'd exclusively be using it on my lap, so don't want the base permanently flexing in lol

    Sorry for all the questions and general rambling, any advice you could give would be much appreciated :-)

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