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    Smile GL702VI RMA Experience Sharing

    Hey everyone
    This is my rma experience I saw others posting this and thoughts I should also
    Now first thing nothing was wrong with my laptop when I got it it’s a little under 2 months old and runs like a champ other then the fans and tempatrue getting to 93C
    I had a unfortunate incident involving a friends kid getting soup on my laptop and it went into the right hand of my keyboard....anyway I tried to get out as much as I could but in the end things started to get sticky
    So I ended up contacting Asus live chat and asking about the rma process and al that I was expecting to have to pay for the repairs and whatever else costs there would be got get it fixed but the nice live chat agent informed me about the accidental protection ( huge props to Asus for this btw any other company would be like NOPE ) meaning I would not have to pay anything underneath the protection plan they have
    So I went ahead and shipped off my laptop on the 12 th of feb they got it on the 14th day and I was able to the site and see it was already under repair

    Few days later I check it again I still see it’s under repair with the estimated day for completion being 22nd of feb and still being repaired
    That’s as far as things are for now I’ll update more when I get an update

    Just a question for any of you who have had to get a repair done how’s long did it take any of you to get an notice it was done and being shipped back?

    Thanks for reading **

    Edit: not sure why there’s *#18373 in my post they don’t show up when I edit from My phone I don’t got a backup pc
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