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    Rampage V Edition 10 + Rx Vega Liquid Grey / Black screen problems

    After being busy with AMD for more then 2 months i am not sure if it will or can be fixed
    I got a very difficult problem with the RX Vega Liquid that is causing random grey / black screens
    i have tried a lot to find out what could cause it, but i have bin unable to fix it .. i only found a temporary fix that works and that is locking the HBM2 memory .
    I know it really sounds like that the graphics card is defective but i have tried 3 different Vega cards and they all gave the same problem, and amd is not able to recreate the issue .. but they don't got the same main-board that i have .. (i have also tested the Vega card in an Maximus VIII with a 6700K and worked without problems)

    There are more people with the same problem on the forum that i created there.
    I made a really detailed problem description on the forum there, i hope you guys could take a look.

    My question , is it possible for Asus to test a RX Vega 64 Liquid on this particular main-board to find out if it gives to same issue's that i got ??

    Rampage V edition 10 Bios version (currently on 1801) also tested on version 1701 and 1503.
    Rx Vega 64 liquid uses Vbios i have also tested an older vbios with the first vega card i had but it gave the same problems.
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