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    AMD NVMe raid bios isolates also other PCIe slot SSD drives...

    So in BIOS 0801 and 0901, with AMD NVME raid enabled (2 drives) it messes up other PCIe SSD (Intel PCIe card) control. Inside BIOS this shows that the Intel drive vanishes from the selectable "other boot drives" when one enables the AMD raid (as does the NVMe drives), while the Intel bios diagnostic still works inside the zenith bios. Intel drive itself is still not listed inside the raid setup interface. Windows then won't be using Intel drivers and the Intel diagnostic drive software won't work, device manager shows the drive as AMD-RAID INTEL... most likely this also happens if one has 3rd m.2 drive that is not in the raid or u.2 drive.

    There is the PCie slot setting for nvme raid but it is at a default value (x8). I haven't tested the SSD in a chipset controlled PCIe slot, then again those are only gen 2.
    I have this feeling that the PCIe SSD might not be getting the best performance under the amd raid layer... but that needs to be tested, with windows updates also slowing disk IO.
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