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    Unhappy Help auto-booting Windows 10 and how to RAID 0 on m.2 drives


    I have just built my first rig with a z270e motherboard and 2x M.2 drives and windows 10 pro (other components as well), I have 2 queries if anyone can explain this to me (a simpleton), I would be grateful:

    • I have left the 2 drives partitioned as the Intel rapid storage technology program booted but did not work, is there another way to consolidate the m.2 drives? i.e. RAID 0.

    • Secondly, I have inadvertently made the PC without the ability of auto-loading windows 10 my start up procedure is 1) power on, 2) press F2 to enter bios setup, 3) press F8 to boot device, 4) choose M.2 drive with windows on it...... What a cock up! I have navigated through the bios menu to try to change the correct parameter to make this work but to no avail. I have also reverted back to default settings.

    Any help on either or both of these would be wonderful and if you could keep the tech jargon to a minimum I may understand what is being said


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