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    Dual Intelligent Processor 5 version 1.05.14


    i have windows 10 pro 64bit with Asus x99 Rampage V Extreme,
    as you know , Microsoft keep updating and altering windows, so DIP 5 Previous versions some functions stop working,
    so i updated DIP 5 as in this post title, but when setting DIGI+ Power control to optimized phase and apply new setting,
    nothing happens and optimization didn't took place,
    i have asus Bios Version 3801 and tried from inside bios setting optimized phase for cpu and reload winodws 10,
    DIP 5 can't load optimized settings in bios.

    When asus give us stable DIP?

    I downloaded AI_Suite_III_3.00.13_DIP5_1.05.14 and when trying to install all features of AI suite like the original one that
    came with MB, all i can get is DIP 5!

    It is a shame that Asus don't give strong support for it's products.

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