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Thread: GL702ZC woes

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    GL702ZC woes


    I have recently purchased a ASUS ROG Strix GL702ZC Gaming Laptop to replace my old ROG G750JX, unfortunately I am having to send it back since it seems to have a serious inherent hardware flaws, the problems are-

    1 If I plug my LG 4K TV into the HDMI output in extended mode it it over scans horribly, the task bar disappears off the edge of the screen and the ATI driver that ships with the system and the latest driver have no option for adjusting the display. The G750JX worked perfectly and sized the display properly straight out of the box and still works perfectly after several driver updates.

    2 If a HDMI cable is in the laptop it will not cold start and boot into Windows, every other laptop I have owned has never had this issue.

    It would appear that the RX580 has serious flaws, it look like I will have to wait for the 6 core Intel I7 laptops to be released and make sure it has a Nvidia graphics card to get hassle free extended displays.



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