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    how to spot if the gpu is dying or if the board is the reason - help

    hie to all, and join me for a crazy story

    i use 3 monitor, up to know there was 1 weird issue with all of them, if i was to get up from my chair, all the monitor would flicker for 1 second, like some kind of bad signal, the image would be back, that arrive almost EVERY TIME i would get up, i could do it 10 time in a row it would still do the same thing

    i do have video of it but the fact than i happen to film it while my desk was completly filthy stop me from make it public but happy to send the link to anyone that is curious to see it and maybe help me

    i even thought that i could be because of the magnetic field i could generate from my chair has i get up, i am really pulling my hair out on this one


    first thing first :

    - all my monitor are mounted on a wall
    - all the cable are perfectly in
    - that issue only happen when i get up not when i type really hard

    2 x 27" agon 1440p with gsync
    1 x 35 " agon 3440*1440p with gsync

    - asus zentith ( duh !!)
    - aorus 1080 ti WB ( the one with integrated waterblock that need you to connected to a pump and radiator for it to work)
    - 64 gb of dd4 ram that can go to 3600 mhz ( but they work at defaut at 2133 because everything higher crash)
    - ssd is a samsung 960 pro of 2 tb in m.2 format


    and so related to this weird issue that has been happening since i made my pc and realize it so other thing happened recently :

    my computer just like any of you who bought an asus motherboard sometime freeze for no reason, lately i had 2 blue screen that happened when i turn on VLC .

    i didn't take a pic of the first one so i don't remember but it had something to do with bad sector on hard drive , so i check my ssd using the cmd command and has i knew it even before i did it, everything was ok, because that ssd can take a lot of data for a long time,

    just to be sure i updated to latest nvidia driver, i mean i got the latest gpu so it can't go that bad right ?

    the second one was : PFN_LIST_CORRUPT and also happened during a movie

    it seem this one is related to RAM, so i started a diagnostic to check, but this is relevant because the computer was in dos for this, not in windows, and yet has i stood up again all the monitor flicker....but this time the image didn't return, i suppose its because DOS been a rudimentory system it doesnt go for backup signal or whatever.

    there was no way to restart the signal and the monitor turn off automaticaly because...lack of signal, so my guess is that nothing was being send to the monitor, ergo i really think the gpu may be at fault.

    this time i wanted to get to the bottom of this so i didn't plug back my 2 27" and ketp only the 35 connected, i also disconnect the dp cable from the gpu just to be sure

    and there was something weird, i could now see some tearing while playing a game, didnt happen with all 3 screen connected now is strange because like i said at the top of this post, this monitor come with g-sync and has i went to the nvidia app i could see it was activated so i don't get it.

    i plan to use all monitor separatly to check is the other 2 do the same

    and second thing, that just happen few minutes ago, i was playing fortnite and for the first time the game frooze completly, computer was still runing but nothing was working, no escape or multiple ALT+CTL+SUP , so i force shutdown the pc and tried again,

    because i didnt know what could have cause it and that this piece of crap motherboard when i have to reboot from time to time SOMEHOW tell me it after 5 fail boot / restart, had to change my ram setting to default for it to work...... WHICH THEY ALWAY ARE !!!!!!!!

    so i updated the bios just in case ( i know i know, but i can still dream if would fix stuff right ?) and went to 902

    but the freeze happened again while i was in lobby.

    i don't know what to think, his there a software that can show if g-sync is working or not, and even thow if the monitor is defective i am pretty sure a monitor can't freeze a pc so what the hell ?

    and just so you know my temp are around 37-40 degree in the pc, its being cooled by multiple radiator

    while i was writting this post i just check using a infrared thermometer and

    - gpu is at 30 degree, fluid coming it is at 26 and coming out at 29
    - cpu is at 30 degree also, fluid mesure are about the same

    to conclude ( for now )

    is there a soft anyone can suggest i can install that will write everything even if system freeze so i can get a clue of what is wrong , and then rma what cause the issue here, i would be gratefull

    and has a bonus can anyone tell me how to turn off the U.2 port so i can run my ssd pci in x8 instead of x4


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