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    Speed issue with Raid 0

    My system has the following specs

    Zenith Extreme with 1950x Threadripper
    128Gb Ram
    8 x Samsung Evo 960 nvme drives in Raid 0
    2 Asus Hyper 16x Cards

    Currently I have the 2 Hyper cards full up with all 8 drives, but I have tried various combinations of drives on the board and DIMM card, but it's not much faster than a single drive. It works, it boots, everything looks normal, it's just not as fast as it should be. It's averaging around 4500-4800 MB/Sec.

    I have what looks like the same config as the der8auer video, but I'm just not getting anywhere near the speed.

    I'm running out of things to try and I could use some ideas.

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