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    Maximus X Formula does not boot with more than 2 DIMM

    Hi all,

    Got a brand new Maximus X Formula here with a set of GSkill F4-4133C17Q-32GTZR.

    No matter what I do, system will only post with 1 or 2 DIMMS in channel B (B1 and B2). Channel A (A1 and A2) does not post with any combination of DIMMS. (Code 55)

    I'm on the latest BIOS (1003) and have tried:
    - Clearing CMOS
    - Reseating CPU 3 times.
    - Checked for bent pins (none)
    - Explicitly setting DRAM frequency to 2133.

    At one point I tried without a cooler and it didn't post. I put the cooler back on and it worked once then stopped working again. I'm about to give up and RMA unless anyone has any other ideas.


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