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    Computer not working properly? FPS lagging in 4k

    So bare with me guys, I switched from back from an iMac to a PC for the first time in 10 years or more and this is all new to me. I will mark down what i bought and did in order. Maybe you can tell me where I went wrong or if my computer just cant handle the load of what im trying to do.

    I got a good deal ($600 brand new) on a ROG Strix GD30CL (as seen here ).

    I got an 27in 4k LGMU27 (as seen here )

    I I added a new liquid cooled cpu cooler and a case fan, as the heating was a bit out of control. I then reformatted and updated all the drivers in device manager.

    I downloaded a few games. Fallout 4, World Of Tanks, World Of Warships and a few others. Fallout runs fine on full graphics but im having problems with Tanks on 4k. On 1080p im getting great fps but when I switch to 4k im getting about 45fps if not less. I have set my monitor to games mode which allows up to 60fps and set my in game setting of tanks to 60fps at 4k, but no go.

    I have run MSI Afterburner during the game and it says my GPU is running at 100% during the game. Shouldnt a GeForce GPX 1080 be able to handle such a game at 4k at 60fps?

    Thanks for the help and if you need any more information, or tell me what would be the fastest thing i will be upgrading most likely, let me know.


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    I'm no authority but a 4k monitor with a 1060 card, hmmmm. Plus an 100% gpu usage could indicate a bottleneck unless the you applications are cpu oriented.

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    A GTX 1080 will not run very many if any modern games at 4K 60fps, a GTX 1060 definitely will not run them any where near 60fps at 4K

    You can google for reviews of your games and video card to see what to expect

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    Honestly the main thing is that you are not running a 1080ti. For all intensive purposes a 1060/70/80 is really more of a 2k card. even those running a 1080 ti overclocked will struggle to hit 60fps at full ultra graphics setting. And in some cases even with the GPU oc to 2050 mhz. You have 1 of 3 options... 1080 SLI, gtx 1080ti. but for a cheap no money option. 2k ultra will pull your 60 k and in most circumstances you wont be able to tell the difference. Some games even have a resolution modifier try using 4k and setting a resolution modifier to 80% will pull frames up and your eye wont be non the wiser especially while playing
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    drop your resolution down to 1080P.
    that card can not handle 4K at all.

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