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    1070 Ti is BSODing left and right

    Hi all,

    Let me first confess that I'm not 100% sure it's the GPU, however, I've got all the latest drivers for every component and the BSODs happen when I 1. play games (rare), 2. mimimize/maximize games (common), 3. enter and leave lobbies when playing games (common). Number 3 could be the wireless adapter, but I've got the latest drivers for that and it wouldn't cause 1 & 2. Here is my part list.

    I built my PC last November and have been experiencing constant BSODs since then. I've gone through most of the BSOD debugging process, here's a list off the top of my head:
    1. Ran with each RAM stick standalone (so I've ruled out RAM unless both sticks are bad)
    2. Disk checks on start up
    3. Uninstalled GPU, iGPU, and Mobo chipset drivers using DDU and reinstalled the latest drivers.
    4. Disabled fast start up b/c I've heard that not all symbols/DLL are loaded correctly occasionally
    5. Manually installed drivers for all my components (except for BIOS)

    Here's a list of things I haven't tried that have been known to pinpoint BSOD causes:
    1. Memtest86
    2. Checked PSU
    3. Manually install BIOS drivers

    My friend is letting me borrow his old ASUS ROG 770, which I intend to hook up after work, install drivers, then see if I get any BSOD so I can rule out a faulty GPU. If I don't have any crashes, I intend to RMA my 1070 Ti. I'm at work so I don't have any of my recent dumps, but here's a link to 2 minidumps and 2 full dumps, also here's the 2 minidumps by themselves. Some of the most common crashes are IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL and SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION. I'm open to any suggestions and I appreciate any help!

    EDIT: I had someone check out the 2 minidumps and they deduced that it was the GPU and recommended I uninstall drivers using DDU and reinstall. Like I said above, I did that, but I continue to BSOD. Assuming I'm not a class A dumb***, I'd like to rule out a GPU driver issue, but feel welcome to tell me otherwise.
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