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    Need help with choosing laptop for WoW Legion/Battle for Azeroth

    Hello everyone.
    I need help with some laptops that will satisfy my needs.

    First I don't have much money so I will only post laptops that I can buy from some friends that are offering me a good deal.

    I only play world of warcraft legion and when it comes out battle for azeroth and use laptop for movies, web surfing, office etc.

    I would like to buy a laptop that will run WoW Legion/BFA on medium or if needed low settings but without any bugs/lags or anything, FPS 50+ at all times. Resolution doesn't have to be high either.
    Laptop A:
    GT 650M 1GB
    DDR3 8GB RAM
    SSD 120GB

    Laptop B: (little bit cheaper than A)
    GTX 660M 2GB
    DDR3 8GB RAM
    SSD 120GB

    Which one would be better and can it run WoW like I said?

    Thanks a lot!
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