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    re temps

    I know the posivite and -ne airflow.

    Here is my setup.

    there is a front intake of 2x 140 and 1x 120 fans

    at the rear there is 140mm fan

    In the bottom of the case i have 3x 120 fans pulling air.

    So there is 6 fans intake. But bottom fans intake cant be taken as 100% intake as the possiblity of air escape on the right of the case bottom panel .

    For this i am planning to put another high pressure 120mmx2 once i get the y splitter as currently i run of fan header in motherboard. Only option is asus fan extension board which is hard to get nowadays. As it was launched way back for x99 board .

    so once i install the right 2 x 120 high pressure and rpm of 2000+/- 10% it will hold the air not escaping a bit which will possible push some air into the case

    for the air escaping rear fan and the 2 x high pressure radiator which will do the needfull for the air outflow. i can try installing 1 more fan for exacust in the top based on the avaibility of the headers .

    Here is only concern. As few pointed out it doesnt matter even i change the radiator to 280mm or 360mm. It wont change the fact this cpu is going to hot like coffe

    even few who have not delidded can keep the cpu under 75 degree on load. Why mine is reaching 90+ easily.

    I have ensured the headset is properly seated this time and i have applied the notua nh-1 thermal paste as well.
    Miniatura de Adjuntos Miniatura de Adjuntos core temps.JPG  

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    Thanks for the Info DirtyMacho.

    So VRM colling should be within spec with all fans installed that you mention.

    How did you come up with the CPU vcore voltage?
    Did you check auto settings and then simply put them in manually?
    All the pics i see seem to indicate, that you are running bone stock settings with more power manually set, than the CPU "should" need to run.
    The voltage seems far too much for stock settings.

    LLC: On stockCPU settings many say LLC 1 is better than Auto or 0
    Personally i think LLC 4 is the highest setting for long lasting 24/7 use. But it only helps compensating negative effects with overclocked CPUs .
    LLC 4 on stock setting.... Is weird if the CPU really would not run without.

    Or did i oversee something ?

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    So for stock what is voltage i should be giving. is it 1.25 is too much.

    If i set auto i am worried the voltage will hit 1.4 by auto.

    llc4 is what i set .

    ok here comes another clarification. VID is not the supplied voltage to the cpu said by someone vcore is one supplied to the cpu. I believe vid is the one demanded by the cpu .

    even turning off mce and svid behavior to best case scenario .

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    Macho, have you updated the motherboard bios to newest on ASUS website? If not you probably should do that first.
    If you have a good CPU 1.2 or maybe a tiny bit less is good for default speed, try 1.25 and check for temps and stability, if OK lower by .05 volts and test again until unstable then up .05 and test again, the lower voltage may require higher LLC setting, can you post more info in your screen shots, CPU-Z, Hwmonitor, stress test you are using, etc. that shows all temps and voltages please

    Your minimum temps seem a little high, what is your ambient temps?

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    yes i am running on 0612 ie the latest one.

    No when i lower to 1.23 even it bsod no need stress test.

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    re doubt

    Is pushing air out or pulling air is better

    which is right way. Pulling air front is suffice than pushing air in. As the pushing air migh be cooler but when passing the radiator it should hot or warmer.

    So wont it increase the case overall temps.

    Wont 2-3x intake front is suffice for the exaust on top of the case.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	push.jpg 
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    re heating issue kind of fixed i believe

    I did cold boot and did the cinie and aid64 for 15 min

    the temps are good and didnt have a bsod but at times the cpu freezes for 2-5 sec and then back

    The same i have in game at times
    Is it the voltage demanded is not supplied and all freezes and once it lowers the voltage it works.

    Not sure

    But all these test are done when i made the push from inside the case with new sp120 fans and pull from top on stock fans .

    So push pull definitely helped here a lot most cores are below 80 and few are under 85 and max hitting is 90 on core 1.
    Miniatura de Adjuntos Miniatura de Adjuntos aid.JPG  


    core temp aid64 running.JPG  


    hwmonitor new.jpg  

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