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    Help me choose memory for Zenith Extreme sTR4 & 1950x build.

    Hello all.

    I am looking do a new build around using the Zenith Extreme sTR4 and a 1950x ripper and have got most of it planned out, but the choice for the amount, speed, version and even brand of memory is just making my head spin.

    I will admit its been quite a few years since I did this kind of thing so while I know a bit of what to do (hey my last build has lasted 12 years), some of the new stuff that is out there and its lingo is taking sometime to learn, but even more surprising is how much the cost of memory has become!!!

    At any rate, at first as I had always been a get as much memory as you can as despite what everyone says now someday it might be needed and plus by then what you have will probably not be around to be matched kind of guy, I was looking at the Corsair CMK128GX4M8Z2933C16 kit which maxes out the Extreme at 128g, but then I saw its max speed is only 2933...but even more so it's basically in the $1,700 plus cost range!

    Essentially this is almost doubling the cost of the build so if I could find something cheaper that will make this more of a reality.

    So perhaps some may disagree with these ideas, I was thinking of something more in the native 3000 to 3200 speed range, and hopefully at least 64g?

    Having said that I would really like what ever that is, is something I could down the road buy the same and perhaps get it to 128g if that ever became the need, (again can scoff but 12 years ago everyone said 8 and not 16 is all that was needed, but I just bumped my current rig to that and even then it did not change that much).

    So with all that next I have been looking at the G-Skill F4-3200C14Q-64GTZR 64g kit but am a bit concerned with that choice as although I have read of several people on the internet using it and with good results, one it’s not on anyone’s QVL for this board that at least I have seen, and as well I wonder if I ever were to double it up if it would work on this board….plus for most places it’s just under $1,000.00.

    So if anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate hearing them.

    Thanks greatly for any help in advance.

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    you have to be carreful concerning this board, i did think like you and got a 64gb kit, since game nowadays take 16, i figure 32 would be comfortable but since the price tag on this machine is really high i wanted to be able to use longer so i took 64.

    the board can do 3600mhz, i thought i should take a 3600mhz kit, and since all of the test in the press were using this board and a kit from gskill so i took the F4-3600C17Q-64GTZR, the timing was high but i didn't want to take 128, i wanted to have 16 gb stick in case i switch my memory because my case can take another motherboard in and would probably only have 2 ram placement, so by doing so i could have split both motherboard at 32 which would be enough for now.

    even though this kit use a samsung die its impossible to make it work at 3600, at default it work at 2133, so thats a lot of money for nothing, i was almost able to make it work at 2900 but i got a bsod, and testing the ram gave me an error at that setting ( you can find some screenshot in some previous post i made )

    so stick to the recommended ram on the spec sheet from asus, i don't know if they have 3600, and i still don't know how they were able to say it could pass 3600 if no ram is stable at that frequency on their board, did they max out all setting, able to have a stable windows for 1 sec before the ram burn and so smack a 3600 compatibility on the box ? i have no idea.

    but you should be prepare for other headache anyway, here is a list of issue i am dealing with

    - ssd on m.2 port unable to run at x8, just at x4 otherwise no boot
    - unable to OC the ram without a BSOD
    - back port usb no working at same speed, so they give unequal performance even tho they are 3.0 all of them
    - front port usb no working at full speed even thought it only split into 2 and the other one is not being used
    - random reboot sometime for no reason, even though ram is at default and nothing is OC

    newest one after investigation
    screen connected to a 1080 ti will have some flicker when hard drive are working to get data ( happen mostly when loading game ) i think its a board issue since this use to happen, reinstall all of the system and was not there anymore, then after update of driver its happening again
    also happen to my backlight keyboard, except for this one its all the time

    windows going crazy, missing text everywhere unable to be repair, had to reinstall everything for it to work again, legit copy and not pirated, i suspect the board to be responsible since ram was tested for 11h with 2 different software, that amount to 24h and no error detected ( at default setting again)

    ssd m.2 is the samsung 960 pro 2tb, that thing is new and can take a beating of a 1200TB of write before going dead, i figure with reinstall and all i must have write maybe less than 10 tb to it, over a 6 month period of time, and i am being generous with the data writing.

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