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    Corsair ddr4 overclocking help

    I have two 8GB of corsair ddr4 2400 XMP 14, 16, 16, 32 at 1.2v. There is guide and speadsheet I've used called 'ram memory - timings calculator' to overclock to 2933MHz but can't go higher. At 3000 it fails to boot. So I've tightened the timings to 15, 17, 17, 34 at 1.34v and is stable testing with memtest. When all settings are on auto it will overclock to 3000+ but dram voltage on auto is 1.5v, far too high.

    Asus z170 pro
    6700K at 4.8GHz
    16GB Corsair 2400
    Samsung m.2 sm951
    2x WD 2tb in raid 0
    EVGA 650W

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    Actually most of those ultra-fast memory kits on the market need 1.5V to reach their speed. But I agree, 1.5V is above the norm for DDR4-3000. If your modules require that much voltage to stabilize, then there's not much you can do about. Perhaps try a lower frequency and tighten the timings. Maybe something along the lines of DDR4-2800 C14.

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