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    Did I get a bad GTX 1080 Strix Card?

    I've seen many people with the Strix GTX 1080 Advanced edition card get to clock speeds of over 2050Mhz, and I thought that that was the "Norm" with these cards. I just got my hands on one of the same cards and my card's clocks and temps have been quite bad compared to other peoples cards. I've tried many different overclocking software's and different drivers but I still find the same results. When I run a demanding 3D program for around ten minutes, my gpu clocks itself to around 1800-1835Mhz and runs at 79C with 65% fan speed. My case is the Corsair 570x with ample airflow. I do have a front mounted radiator, but I have a push/pull setup and lots of cool air is going through the case. I've tried to overclock the card, but anything over a +5Mhz clock the the card sees artifacts and crashes. The memory can overclock to around 10510, which is not bad, but the card runs a bit hot, considering the cooling potential of the card, and the gpu didn't even budge when I increased the core clock. If I set the card to "OC" mode in ASUS's GPU tweak, my gpu shows huge artifacting and then it crashes seconds later. Sometimes when I run the card on gaming mode rather than OC mode, on a rare occasion, if I immediately run a game when the gpu is a a low temp, the game would freeze. I was hoping that a huge card like this would be able to run much cooler and overclock much better than a founders edition card, but I think I just got a lemon. Should I RMA this card? I don't even think that they would accept high heat and bad clockspeeds and even crashing using their own software on an "Advanced" rated card but I just want to know what people on this forum think about this problem. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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    Unfortunately, overclocking potential varies from card to card. Not all samples can surpass the 2 GHz mark.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chino View Post
    Unfortunately, overclocking potential varies from card to card. Not all samples can surpass the 2 GHz mark.
    It's exactly this. Same thing with CPU overclocking.

    My 1080Ti can barely manage to hit 1.9. But that doesn't bother me in slightest. This card is still beastly and and so what if all it's lacking 1-5 extra fps, when i'm maxing out everything at 3440x1440P and staying well above 60fps.

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