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    ROG Strix B350-I Memory Overclocking

    I'm using stock 2700x

    When I overclock ram, I test its stability in windows with prime95 and memtest

    Even though it passes these stress tests, sometimes when I coldboot the motherboard will boot directly into bios.

    This doesn't always happen, maybe 1 in 10 times it will boot into bios.

    I have a hunch it has something to do with dram boot voltage, but I can't find an option in bios to change this setting, which is disappointing. I would think all ROG Strix motherboards would have this option.

    Any other suggestions I should try?

    This coldbooting into bios only happens when I overclock ram. Stock ram at 1.2V doesn't do this.

    Currently I'm running Team Group Xtreem ram at 3200mhz 14-16-16 at 1.36V (tuned timings with ryzen dram calculator)

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